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This is a collaborative collection of datasets that are common to use for follow the money investigations with european scope.

The datasets can be easily imported into Aleph or other tools within the followthemoney ecosystem.

This data catalog includes datasets maintained by and OpenSanctions.


Click on the datasets title to get more information on how to use it.

Collection Last update Title
eu_transparency_register 2023-12-19 EU Transparency Register
ec_meetings 2023-12-19 European Commission - Meetings with interest representatives
eu_fts 2023-12-19 EU Financial Transparency System
eu_authorities 2023-12-19 EU authorities as collected by
eu_horizon_europe 2023-12-19 CORDIS - EU research projects under HORIZON EUROPE (2021-2027)
eu_fp7 2023-12-19 CORDIS - EU research projects under FP7 (2007-2013)
eu_meps 2023-12-19 Members of the European Parliament
eu_cor_members 2023-12-19 Members of the European Commitee of the Regions
eu_fsf 2023-12-19 EU Financial Sanctions Files (FSF)

Get involved

This is a collaborative project. You can submit new datasets or data errors easily on various ways. Read more

Use the data

You can browse the data online or download bulk data for non-commercial use as defined by Creative Commons.

We can help to integrate this data into your research infrastructure, e.g. Aleph, or enrich and crossmatch data with other sources. Just get in touch and we can see what we can do.

Commercial use of this data is not implemented yet. If you are interested in commercial use of the bulk data, contact us at